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PHMEF announces 2020 Fall Grant recipients

An elementary student plays a ukulele during the 2018 Silver Mile Bubble Bash Talent Show

The P-H-M Education Foundation announced its Fall Grant Cycle recipients. A total of $11,932.72 was disbursed to P-H-M staff. See the complete list is below.


Monies raised from PHMEF events like the Silver Mile Bubble Bash Run for Education and other events make these grants possible. Since the Foundation’s inception in 1996, more than $1.6 million have been distributed in innovative teaching grants supporting P-H-M teachers, staff, and students. 


Fall 2020 Grant Summary:

Total 2020-21 Grant Budget — $35,500

Fall 2020 Grant Budget — $12,500

  • EZ Grant applications received — 18 requests totaling $3,040.35
  • EZ Grant applications funded — 11 requests totaling $1,528.25 
  • Traditional Grant applications received — 14 requests totaling $30,681.91
  • Traditional Grant applications funded — 12 requests totaling $10,404.47
  • Grants denied because they did not meet grant criteria — 0
  • Grants deferred to the following grant cycle — 1
  • Grants referred to Corporations for Education or other granting partner — 0
  • Grants funded by donor — 1
  • Grant funds awarded — $11,932.72
  • Grant funds balance — $0* z
    *There was an anonymous donor that wanted to help fund the P-H-M Project “H” grant. The Grants Committee agreed to use the remaining grants funds balance of $567.28 to help offset the cost of the donor thus bringing the funds balance to $0.


The Grants Committee is comprised of Foundation board members, community representatives, and a P-H-M administrator who evaluate each grant application. 


The PHMEF 2020 Grants Committee requests the approval to fund the following EZ Form grant requests for $250 or less:

  • Diverse Novel Study Initiative, Walt Disney Elementary – Jordan Binion, 1st grade teacher
    Awarded: $ 241
    Chapter books with diverse characters
  • Manipulatives for the Music Classroom Meadow’s Edge Elementary – Sarah Claeys, K-5 grade teacher
    Awarded: $91.38
    Movement scarves and rhythm sticks to enhance lessons, teach musical concepts
  • Math Manipulatives for Highly Differentiated Instruction Discovery Middle – Emma Zerfas, 7th grade teacher
    Awarded: $225
    Tangible math tools for students who may be lagging in skills
  • Mitosis & Meiosis Pop Bead Kit, Schmucker Middle – Sakima Oudghiri, 7-8th grade teacher
    Awarded $191.99
    Pop beads used to learn about mitosis and meiosis
  • Wacom Tablet Grant, Discovery Middle – James Howard, 7th grade teacher
    Awarded $220
    Tablet allow teachers to model note-taking, diagramming, catography in a virtual environment
  • A Knight of Coca, Cookies, and Canvas, Moran Elementary (Grades K-5) – Shelli Treely, teacher
    Awarded $250
    Virtual canvas painting experience for students
  • Gimkit Annual Subscription, Schmucker Middle – Kristina Lawrence, 6th grade teacher
    Awarded $59.88
    Online platform that engages students to review learned materials, practice vocab., and formatively assess student learning
  • Adaptive Physical Education, Schmucker Middle – Tara Curless, 6-8th grade teacher
    Awarded $249
    Online platform that engages students to review learned materials, practice vocab., and formatively assess student learning



The PHMEF 2020 Grants Committee requests the approval to fund the following Traditional Form grant requests:

  • BrainPad Arcade, Schumucker Middle – Matt Reininga, Grades 6-8  — 400 students
    Requested $475.36 — Received $475.36
    BrainPad Arcade board is a supplemental to computer science instruction in PLTW. Plans to utilize the board include as an introduction or conclusion to the current PLTW computer classes where students learn to create mobile apps and program micro-controllers.
  • K-5 Classroom Pack of Dash and Dot, Elm Road Elementary – Madelyn Beers, Grades K-5 — 475 students
    Requested $1,000 — Received $1,000
    Dash and Dot are tangible robots that give students the chance to learn about coding, or to use programming in a hands-on collaborative matter. Students will have the ability to work on problem solving skills through the use of technology to understand abstract skills associated with coding and computer science.
  • Cut The Cord, Penn High School – Les Crooks, Grades 11-12 — 17 students
    Requested $5,000 — Received $2,461
    In the Building Trades class having extension cords can be dangerous as they present a trip hazard, shock hazard, and ergonomic hazard. Cordless tools that include circular saw, sliding miter saw, and cordless cutting rotary tool.
  • Sensory Pathways for Elementary Students, All P-H-M Elementary Schools – Tess Weaver, Wendi Buckley, and Erin Grover, Grades K-5 — all P-H-M elementary students
    Requested $2,926 — Received $2,926
    Sensory pathway will stick on hallway floors, creating a physical and occupational movement for students. They allow students to demonstrate better attention and focus tasks. They also provide movement during needed breaks that greatly benefit students in academic performance, on-task behavior, and cognitive functioning.
  • Graphing Calculators for Night School, Penn High Night School – Ginny Mueller, Grades 12-13 — 475 students
    Requested $1,685.70 — Received $1,685.70
    Purchasing 10 graphing calculator for students’ use in night school. These students often are struggling financially and will offset the cost of an expensive calculator.
  • Madison Nature Spies, Madison Elementary – Gina Cool and Amanda Tugmon, Grades K — 25 students
    Requested $856.41 — Received $856.41
    Students will take monthly walks – as part of PE and Art) through the Madison. nature Trail. Students will learn to explore nature and increase their observation skills by identifying various items in nature. The grant will supply books and other equipment that will aid students during their explorations.
  • Ukuleles for Elm Road, Elm Road Elementary – Bradley Marks, Grades 4-5 — 150 students
    Requested $1,240 — Received $1,000
    The ukulele is a perfect instrument for teaching more in-depth about musical chords and theory. Students will be able to learn and play popular songs and how they are structured by learning another way to read and create music.
  • P-H-M Project ‘H’, All P-H-M Schools – Mike Seger, All Grades All — 11,454 students
    Requested $3,200 — Received $3,200
    This project will take all children into consideration within Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation and assist in providing the type of hygiene items required to perform in the classroom. The items mentioned will be provided in privacy and upon request by students in need. Many of our counselors and YSB personnel have identified students in need and share these needs with appropriate individuals.